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I am terrible about getting to the gym. I really am. I did better when I had my sister as a gym partner, but she moved out recently so I have to rely on myself. My main issue is timing. I prefer to go early so I have several hours between working out and going to work. That means getting up early. Second issue is transportation. I don’t have a car so I have to take a bus for the gym. I absolutely HATE waiting for the bus because it is unpredictable. Sometimes it is a few minutes early, sometimes it’s 20 minutes late. Which means I can be waiting for up to a half an hour before it finally comes. It really puts a damper on my motivation.

So I am trying to exercise more at home. However, I just looked up the group classes at my gym and I am going to try to make it to some of them. There’s pilates, zumba, training…let’s see what happens.